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4 Ton Mineral Wagon
Peco O-16.5 OR-20

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2ton Flat Wagon
Peco O-16.5 OR-21

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2ton Bolster Wagon
Peco O-16.5 OR-22

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1ton Slate Wagon
Peco O-16.5 OR-23

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4 Wheel Open Wagon
Peco O-16.5 OR-24

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4 Wheel Box Van
Peco O-16.5 OR-25

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Side Tip Wagon
Peco O-16.5 OR-28

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4 Wheel Coach Chassis plastic
Peco O-16.5 OR-41

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Single Window Coach Panel
Peco O-16.5 OR-51

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Double Window Coach Panel
Peco O-16.5 OR-52

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Saloon Window Coach Panel
Peco O-16.5 OR-53

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Coach Window Panes clear
Peco O-16.5 OR-54

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Coach Window Blanks
Peco O-16.5 OR-55

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Coach Duckets
Peco O-16.5 OR-56

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