Peco Other PSG-1

Pecoscene Static Grass Pro Grass Micro Applicator

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Peco Other PSG-1 Pecoscene Static Grass Pro Grass Micro Applicator

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The Peco Pro-Grass Micro Applicator is used to apply Static Grasses to the scenery. This is powered by a 9v battery (not supplied) and the crocodile clip is used to "earth" the unit before use. Each type of grass, or a blend of grasses, is added to the hopper (the lid is removed by unscrewing, and then re-shut), and the unit switched on. As the individual filaments of nylon grass pass through the grid in the lid an electrical charge causes them to stand up straight, thus landing on the glue upright and creating the effect of the real things. Careful blending of the colours and lengths can create some very realistic results indeed!


Product Code:PSG-1
Approximate Pack Weight:318g

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