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Turnout Switch Module Add on

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Peco Other PL-51 Turnout Switch Module Add on

The new quick and easy system for electrical operation of your turnouts.

Here we have the perfect solution for connecting your turnouts to a switch control panel, without the necessity of a soldering iron. This carefully designed system provides all the electrical connections required for the PL-26 Passing Contact Switch, and for the other switches in the Pecolectrics range (see below) and makes provision for the easy connection of wires via a simple but effective ‘plug-in’ terminal.

Turnout operation

1. Plug your PL-26 switch(es) into the recess on top of the module.

2. Connect each turnout motor (in the PL-10 family) to the module using wire, clamping the wire into the unit by depressing the spring-loaded green plunger. Be careful to ensure that the common return wire is plugged into the central 'green' hole. You can connect your wires to the turnout motor using the PL-31 Push-On Connectors & Shrouds, or by using the PL-34 Wiring Loom (see below). And of course our PL-11 Side mounted Turnout Motor comes ready wired!

3. The module comes complete with blue & yellow wires ready to connect to your transformer (16vAC supply).

And away you go! You have 3 switch units supplied with the PL-50, and can extend the number of units required by connecting PL-51 Add-on Units to the module. Each unit simply plugs into the unit alongside (and therefore making the electrical connection), and is neatly finished off with the end caps. The whole module in turn can be secured to a surface by using screws, holes for which are incorporated within the module. Full instructions are supplied.


This system, whilst designed for use with our PL-26 Passing Contact Switches for turnout operation, can also be used with the other matching switches in the Pecolectrics family.

You can use the PL-22 Single Pole On-Off Switch and PL-23 On-On Changeover Switch with this system, but you must remember not to mix switches within one module. This is because you will most probably be using different power sources for these types of switches, and the underside connections on the switches differ from those of the PL-26. So, for example, you can have a block of PL-26 switches controlling your turnouts, another block for accessories such as signals using the PL23 Changeover Switch, and another block for the PL-22 On-Off Switch for isolating track sections.

The Pecolectrics system - everything you need.

By incorporating this new system with the other Pecolectrics accessories you can be up and running very easily.

PL-34 Turnout Wiring Loom - plug into your PL-10 motor, connect the loom to the Switch Module.
PL-38 Electrical Wire - available in 5 colours - to link your motors and modules, or use to extend the Wiring Loom.
PL-39 Screw Terminal Blocks - safely connect wires together so you can always reach where you need to be!
PL-37 Cable Clips - secure all the wires out of the way under the baseboard by using these self adhesive clips.

Note: PL-50 and PL-51 is not supplied with the switch - you choose the type and colour for your specific needs.


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