Peco SL-E383FScissors Crossover Medium radius

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    The Peco streamline Electrofrog system provides maximum continuous electrical pickup, assuring perfect smooth running even at very slow speeds - provided of course, that the current collectors and wheels are always kept clean. A layout using Electrofrog Turnouts is slightly more complicated to wire and therefore often suits the more experienced modeller. However once the basic principle is learnt - i.e. the 'current must always be fed to the toe end of each live frog turnout', the rest is not so very difficult. Like Insulfrog turnouts, all Electrofrog types are switched or self isolating, so that the track for which the blades are set is the only road electronically alive. All Peco Streamline turnouts (Electrofrog and Insulfrog) are supplied complete with comprehensive instructions. Peco Universal Fine N Gauge Trackage system with Code 55 rail. For even greater realism choose Peco Streamline Universal Fine N Gauge Flexible Track. Despite the low visible rail height of only 0.055 inch all makes of British and continental locomotives and rolling stock will operate on it. The ingenious rail section combines strength with realism. It can be readily joined to Peco Universal Code 80 N Trackage and other makes using Code 80 Rail, but the turnouts cannot be used as direct replacements for Code 80 since the geometry is different. Universal N Joiners (SL-310) are used. Additional sleepers (SL-308F or SL-309F) enable correct sleeper spacing to be maintained at rail joins. Flexible track with solid nickel silver rail. Supplied in 914mm (36in) lengths it is available either with traditional wooden sleepers or the modern concrete type, which are increasingly used throughout the world. This ever popular trackage system for N Gauge offers a choice of either wooden or concrete type sleepered flexible track and a wide range of turnouts and crossings in both Insulfrog and Electrofrog types. Note that the geometry is different from code 80 track and therefore can not be used as direct replacements.